Artist Statement

This collection of AI generated images on display represents a bold experimentation in the realm of digital art. Using the powerful styleGan2 model, the artist has trained the algorithm on a diverse set of explicit images, resulting in a set of abstract compositions that challenge traditional notions of beauty and representation. The artist's intention is to provoke the audience with images that resemble skin and sensuality, in order to spark a dialogue about our relationship with technology and its ability to shape our perceptions.

The images in the collection are striking in their ability to blend and mix gender and race, creating an otherworldly visual experience that defies easy categorization. The skin in these images is a swirling mix of textures and tones, and it is often impossible to discern whether the forms depicted are male or female. This ambiguity adds to the sense of disorientation and intrigue that the artist hopes to evoke in the viewer.

Synthetic Sensuality is a reflection on the fluidity of identity and the malleability of perception. It invites the viewer to look beyond the surface, to explore the deeper meanings and connections that exist within these abstract compositions. It is a call to question our assumptions and to embrace the unknown, to allow ourselves to be provoked and challenged by the unexpected.